Wat Is Een Business Intelligence Consultant

Wat Is Een Business Intelligence Consultant – Before I answer this question, I will first briefly explain what a business intelligence specialist does and what a data scientist does.

A business intelligence specialist analyzes data from multiple business critical systems such as CRM/Production/Logistics/Finance, and feeds the business with trends and information that the business can use to inform tactical and strategic decisions. The data usually comes from internal systems and often contains structured data. Consider, for example, a business intelligence consultant who collects data from an internal SAP system and analyzes it to determine what a product group’s sales were in a region of Europe last quarter.

Wat Is Een Business Intelligence Consultant

A data scientist analyzes online and offline data and is concerned with structured and unstructured data. For example, online data is often unstructured data generated from various (company-owned) websites or social media. Offline data is often data generated from an internal CRM/ERP system. As an example I can mention an e-commerce company that analyzes customer behavior and makes predictions for the future based on online and offline data.

Business Intelligence (bi) & Data Analytics Platform

A BI consultant analyzes data from business-critical applications, online data. A data scientist analyzes data from business-critical systems, websites and social media. So offline and online data.

A BI consultant typically formulates conclusions about the (recent) past. A data scientist typically formulates: predictions into the future.

A BI consultant often uses SQL and (application) specific BI tools such as Qlickview and Microsoft BI. A data scientist often uses software and scripting languages ​​such as R, JavaScript, Python and Java, and tools such as Pentaho, Hadoop and Splunk.

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Digital transformation, what does it mean? – How do you approach the process? – How do you find the right IT manager … Read with the term Business Intelligence Specialist, also known as Business Intelligence Consultant or Business Intelligence Analyst, often used. But do you really know what it is? And how do you know if BI is right for you? We will give you all the information you need. This way you can determine if this IT job is right for you.

Pdf) Analytical Literature Review On Business Intelligence System (bis) Measurement

What exactly does a business intelligence (BI) specialist do? Why should you become a Business Intelligence (BI) expert? What are business intelligence (BI) specialist activities? Where does a business intelligence (BI) specialist work? How do you become a Business Intelligence (BI) expert? What education do you need to become a business intelligence (BI) expert? What does a Business Intelligence (BI) specialist earn? Job market outlook and business intelligence (BI) specialist career opportunities? What are the job requirements for a business intelligence (BI) specialist? What personal qualities do you need as a business intelligence (BI) specialist? What are the pros and cons of working as a business intelligence (BI) specialist? Want to work as a Business Intelligence (BI) specialist?

A business intelligence specialist, or BI specialist, is someone who focuses on complex management issues. How does it work? A business analyst makes connections between information that already exists in the company. Think about information about customers, the market and the competition. By making these connections, data can be interpreted more accurately and valuable information is generated. It allows optimization of business processes.

Do you enjoy working in an IT position where you can think commercially? Then a position as a Business Intelligence Specialist is definitely something for you! This is a position where you can collaborate a lot with different departments and where you are in direct contact with management. As a business intelligence specialist, your work can have a major impact on business processes.

Business intelligence professionals can work in a variety of locations. For example, you can start working in a consulting company, where you are always working on new companies with different issues. But as a business intelligence specialist you can also work within large business firms. Large companies often have a lot of data and want to make processes as efficient as possible. As a business intelligence specialist in a large company, you can deal with a variety of issues within a company.

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To become a business intelligence specialist, it is important that you have completed higher vocational education or university education. If you have enough knowledge in IT, you can also pursue big data course or part time course.

The salary of a business intelligence specialist depends on the years of work experience and the position one holds. A BI Junior Specialist earns approximately between €2,600 and €3,400 per month. For an average experience, it is between €3,400 and €4,500. For a senior with more than five years of experience, it is even between €4,500 and €7,000 per month.

As a business intelligence specialist, your job market prospects are good. You can work in both consulting firms and large trading companies. More than 60 business intelligence vacancies are open on Cooder.nl. You can be promoted from Junior to Manager and from Manager you can be promoted to Senior Business Intelligence Specialist. In some cases it is also possible to be promoted to manager or data director.

To become a business intelligence specialist, it is important that you have completed an HBO or WO education. In addition, it is often important that you have knowledge of ETL processes and ERP. In most cases, several years of work experience is also required. For example, experience with BI projects, experience with Power BI, SQL and experience with databases are often requested.

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As a business intelligence specialist, it is important that you are analytically driven and recognize business opportunities well. In addition, you must be able to work independently as well as in a team. You will work together with other departments within the company. And, don’t forget, you must have a good command of the Dutch language in writing and in words. In this position you will be involved in preparing reports and you will assist management. Additionally, problem-solving ability is central to this position and many companies are looking for someone who is proactive and flexible.

There are plenty of jobs available as a business intelligence specialist. In addition, as a business intelligence specialist you can choose whether you want to work for a large trading company or for a consulting firm. This is an IT function where you can think at a business and management level with the organization, so you can make a big impact. There are also ample career opportunities as a business intelligence specialist. Do you want to work as a business intelligence specialist? Check out all our open BI vacancies here!

Fresh from the shop floor What market developments have we seen in the past year? Enoch Alberdink Thijm 3 January 2023 2 min Business intelligence is a tool for turning raw data into useful insights. It allows you to collect data from various sources, organize it, and then enjoy the analysis. Do you need it? Probably yes, as this is the most balanced view of the business you can get. But as you can imagine, starting such a complex endeavor requires some preparation and we hope to help you with this. And if you have already introduced some BI practices in your company, this article will help you to set them up as well. Now, let’s talk about your business intelligence strategy.

A BI strategy will allow you to solve all your data problems and needs, create a coherent system, and maintain it. What happens when you start implementing BI without a strategy? Basically, you are very focused on getting these graphs but no one in the company knows why and how to use them. Here’s a simple example of the life of a BI strategy before and after.

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Previously, we posted a guide to implementing a BI practice in your organization. Now, we go into detail about one step of your implementation plan – documenting the BI strategy.

View Why are you developing a BI practice in your company and what do you want to achieve?

Tools and architecture. What dashboards and solutions do we want to build? For which regions? And how will it affect these areas?

So, as you look at your company’s corporate strategy, you think about which BI initiatives you want to start. This insight then helps you choose the right people, who will use and maintain the chosen processes. To support people and processes, you use software tools. And finally, you create an architectural blueprint for its development. Now let’s go into detail about these steps. And we’ll start with businesses that already have some form of BI.

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In order to know where you are going, you must establish a baseline. Say, you know that many departments use analytics, but the data is often muted – marketing people don’t have access to sales data, and customer support tracks user feedback for their own internal purposes, or maybe there’s no analytics at all. All – basically, it seems to work but is not effectively clear.


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